Farm Fresh Turkeys

What better way to celebrate Christmas with the family than with a stunning Cornish turkey at the centre of the table? We've spent a lifetime perfecting our turkeys since we first raised half a dozen birds for family and friends over fifty years ago.

Our hand-reared traditional white and free-range bronze turkeys thrive on our historic farm nestled a couple of miles inland from the North Cornish coast between Padstow and Newquay. We don't know if it's the fresh, salty air, the light airy barns, the rich green pasture or the love and attention that gives our turkeys their distinctive deep flavour but if we have learned anything over the years it's that there is nothing like time for helping the flavour of a table bird develop. Time to grow and time to hang - our turkeys benefit from being at least three months more mature than a standard supermarket bird; crucially this allows the turkey to lay down some fat beneath the skin which keeps the flesh moist through cooking. They are then dry-plucked which enables them to be hung for longer, this allows the full flavour of leg and breast meat to shine through. We're confident that you'll notice the difference both in the superior taste and the number of times your family come back and ask for more.

Our family have dedicated the past fifty years to ensuring you can put a great tasting Cornish turkey at the heart of your family's Christmas.

If you fancy a change from turkey this year why not try a free range goose – the most traditional of all Christmas birds. Ours come from Otter Valley Farm in Devon – fabulous flavour and wonderful fat for extra special roast potatoes.

We also raise large free range chickens – these birds are a world away from the conventional supermarket bird – they are slow growing and hung for seven days for a depth of flavour that will delight

For a real Cornish Christmas, put a Banbury’s bird at the centre of your table

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